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The Problem

Coaching a team comes with various challenges.

Practice doesn't allow enough time to fully teach your playbook and strategy.

Players make errors because they aren’t confident in your team’s signs & plays.

Paper printouts don't do enough to make signs easy to learn and remember.

The Solution

Digitize your playbook and develop player study materials for off-field learning.

Ditch Paper Playbooks

Build your own digital playbook. Choose from professionally created plays, or use the Play Creator add your own custom plays.

Boost Player Knowledge with Digital Study Tools

Players' phones are at the center of their lives and motion media is the best way to train like a pro. Build flashcards for players to study outside of practice.

Streamline Team Management

Manage your team roster and assign plays across multiple organizations

Leverage the power of AI

Discover your optimal on-field move and consult the AI Assistant Coach for in-game rule book references.


What coaches are saying

“I know that we don't spend enough time on signs and it's a great part of the game to try to intellectually move your team along on that scoreboard”

Lucas Lechnir, College, High School, and Youth Coach

“A way to help our players learn the importance of signs and communication on the diamond is something I support”

Mike Wallerich, Head Coach, St. Norbert college baseball

“In practice a lot of times we don't go through the signage as much as we probably should.”

Scott, High school softball coach

Guarantee your players are experts on the playbook

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Frequently asked questions

Can I be a player on more than one team?

Yes! You can be on as many teams as you need. However, each team is only available for the current season so that the app isn't congested with unneeded historical data.

Can I be a player and a coach on the same team?

You can only be a player or a coach for a given team. If this ability would be useful to you, be sure to contact us at sales@coachesedg.com.

Can I be a player and a coach on different teams?

Yes! You're able to switch between teams with a dropdown in the upper left corner, and your role is specifically defined for each team that you're on.

Can I create my own plays?

Yes. You can choose from the library of pre-loaded plays or you can create your own with the in-app Play Creator.

Can I ask the AI Assistant Coach rule interpretations?

Yes, however, rules may be different based on your league or team affiliation.

Still have questions?

You can reach out to our team and
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